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Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Just want to share with you a few of my past tablescapes for Thanksgiving. Yes, I know Halloween is here and possibly gone by the time I post this and everyone is thinking about Christmas. Not me! This is such an important Holiday to share with our friends and family and I do feel that it totally gets lost in the shuffle, hustle, and bustle of the season. Yes, of course, we all connect a huge one day feast but how about enjoying the entire month of November with some pretty fall decoration around your home. Here are a few of my ideas I hope you enjoy and Have a Happy Turkey Day.

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Stay Tuned Pam

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http://ping.fm/WClnh my friends bike is too cute I. Front of
My house must get one!

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WOW! what a fun weekend I just had in Little Rock Arkansas! Yes my friends I did say Little Rock. This Dallas girl and two other designers went off to Camp in Little Rock With Tobi Fairley.

When I decided to go I made a call to two other designer friends my neighbor Ann Fox and my design partner in so many projects during my career, Robyn Zumwalt.




Stopping for supplies

Almost There

Our Campsite

I do not know exactly what it was that drew me to this camp other than Tobi’s darling personality and style. I was so surprised to find out that I could learn so much in one day. Tobi is a very patient teacher and such a vibrant and talented designer that I returned to Dallas with a fresh excitement and new ideas for my projects.

Tobi teaching and having fun

Not giving away any secret but one of our challenges was to put together an inspiration board. To those of you in the design field you will know what I am speaking of when I say “board” and to those of you that are not. This is one of the projects we all did in school and they are labor intensive and not usually a fun experience. Needless to say I have not put together a “board” in more years that I care to mention……. but being the good student that I am I went to work on mine and just the exercise of this and viewing other designers boards was inspiring to me. Robyn and I had so much fun in our hotel suite working on our project for our imaginary client and it really made me re think how I may start changing my presentations. Sometimes what is old is new again! and for sure this will be a new/old design implement I will add to my design repertoire .

The Good Student

To all of the other designers I met and had so much fun with I hope and know we will now stay in contact for years to come.

To Tobi what an inspiration you are! I loved being at camp and in your beautiful home. Thank you! I know if I took away from this camp so much that the other designers did as well. My Hat is Off to you Tobi.

As I always say at the end of each blog Stay Tuned I will share photos of my next client presentation soon. xo Pam
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Indian Summer

We are about to embark on the time of the year when we start to have a little bounce in our step and make plans for entertaining and sitting outdoors with friends. It has been such a long, dreadfully hot summer in Dallas, it’s hard to believe that the State Fair of Texas is just around the corner with all of the fun and food and drink and Big Tex. This is something we all look forward to and it sets a stage for autumn with football and outdoor activities.

In speaking of fall, do you make any changes in your decoration around the house? Such as different slips on some of the furniture,a change of pillows on the sofa, or bringing out the throws for a cool evening by the fire. Take a look at this beautiful presentation I have just put together for one of my clients great room. All of the fabrics here are from Brunschwig & Fils will fill the great room of honey colored paneling and a sisal rug.

Linen,velvet,cotton all from the same fabric house

I would love to hear from some of my readers about their homes and what changes if any they make.

In my home I always order the firewood at the end of September and mulch the flower beds so they will be ready for the pansies and cabbages. I change around some of the table tops and really begin to think again about my back patio and the nights with the fire and dinner and long conversations that linger well into the late hours. I also seem to bring more flowers inside mums and greenery and spend hours mulling over my cookbooks.

As soon as October hits I am off to farmers market for pumpkins and gourds for the front porch and then await the fun celebration of Halloween.

Pumpkins and gourds so pretty

These would be beautiful down a buffet

We have such a fun neighborhood with a lot of young children and fun parents!!! I always throw a front porch party and after the trick-or-treaters are finished, we come inside for the children to count and separate candy and eat big hearty bowls of chili.

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Please enjoy the photos and stay tuned! Pam

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A Cottage on the Water

Many of you that read my blog posts are very familiar with the feelings I had for my last home. The home I referred to as 3504. I can still remember the day I read about the new book coming out by famed interior designer Bunny Williams, The title was AN AFFAIR WITH A HOUSE. There it was this beautiful white house with black shutters on the most gorgeous lawn and All I could think of was “I should have written this book!”

But life goes on and my affair with a house moved on as well.

In speaking of homes there is still one dream that lingers in my heart and that is the cottage of my dreams. A cottage by the water to be exact.

The reason I say “by the water” and not by the sea or the ocean is the fact that I live in this great state of Texas. To have a cottage on the coast and live in Dallas (my home) is not something one does as a weekend retreat. You see……. If you live here and want to take a quick trip to the coast it is a mere drive of 10 hours! Yes, I did say 10 hours.

So to the water we go and, that water is a lake. Lakes are plentiful in Texas and my dream cottage would be in East Texas,with its rolling hills in the beautiful piney woods that are also mixed with giant hardwoods. This location is not far enough away for a change of climate… but when you have the water to look at, and you are out of the big city it does make a difference! I need the cottage to be accessible to my family on the spur of the moment. This family of mine is so very important to me and so very big. So……. I will have to be creative in my design for sure! Many of my friends own beautiful huge second homes on our Texas lakes but this is not my dream. I am working on plans and have a million ideas in my mind. I will share with you some photos I have collected and when and if my dream comes true I will share the real thing as well. So for now my cottage on the water is the cottage of my dreams but as you know if you never dream…….

These are exterior examples of houses that I love… of course the front of the house would face the lake and have double wrap porches with screens and removable windows so they could be used all year around and in the fall and spring would be sleeping porches as well.

My cottage would be painted a historical color by Benjamin Moore Most likely in my favorite Rockport Gray # HC-105 with trim in B.M Edgecomb Gray #HC 173.

Rockport Gray HC-105

Edgecomb Gray HC-173

An outdoor fireplace and cooking area are a must.

So you see I have big plans for my little cottage! Enjoy and stay tuned…..

I forgot to mention our family loves to cook!!

Kitchen is very important

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To be in this business of design means a lot of things! Exposure, Exposure, Exposure!!

Now, to say, as a designer, I tend to stay current is an understatement. Knowledge is so important, and to bring this knowledge to our everyday lives is a must. It is vital that we know what the newest trends are, whether it is color, lighting, the latest green design, or any of the million or so new products and trends out there. It is, simply, a way of life. As a good designer, I feel it is my responsibility to help my clients sift through all of this and “stay on Track”

The Importance of Classic Design Never Wanes.

In a designer’s own home, most of us can not afford to “redecorate” every three years or so and if you are like me you do not want to!

keep in mind than when making important purchase decisions try not to go with a trend but go with a classic whether it is traditional or contemporary, buy the best you can afford and it will be “The gift that keeps on giving” such as the Mies Vander Rohe Barcelona chair; as beautiful today as it was when first introduced at the 1929 Barcelona Exposition.

You will not or should not expect to love the red chenille fabric for your chairs that you bought 10 years ago as much today as you did then but hopefully you still have a great chair that can be recovered and passed on if necessary.

These beautiful sofas (Above & Below) by Baker Furniture are as stylish today as they were 15 years ago when purchased. The only thing that has changed is the color These will last as long as I care to have them in my home. After that hopefully in another home.

The same goes for your personal collections. To collect is to have a passion for something….. maybe it is art or porcelain or antiques or the rare piece of glass from the twenties. What ever it is try to collect what you love ……. something you and want to study and learn more and more about and when the times change it does not matter to you because you collected out of the love of the piece not the trend of the moment.

I will share with you a few of my favorite collections which have had many lives in my homes over the years and hopefully will have a life long after I am gone and to tell the truth I love these pieces as much today as I did in some cases over 25 years ago. Enjoy the photos and stay tuned and Stay current.

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