During my career I have had the privilege of working on interior design projects that have taken me all over the country.
Eight years ago I had the fun experience of renovating and doing the interior design on a wonderful home in Colorado. Now to say renovation. I do not mean I physically did this! My job was specification and direct contact on a day to day or week to week basis with the contractor. All of our interior selections for the remodel were made right there in the town of Steamboat Springs where I became great friends with the folks at the local hardware store and paint store as well as many other townsfolk.

The renovation went very well and the interior design was a lot of fun. Steamboat ,for those of you that do not know it, is a wonderful town full of great ranches and cowboys. It originally became famous for its hot springs which of course were suppose to heal all that ails you! The town got its name from The Bitter Springs ,which produced the chugging steamboat sound! This valley the Yampa Valley is stunning with the gorgeous Yampa River running right through the middle of town.

Well here I am today eight years later with my Children, all adults. My two sons and daughter in law and my three grand children and two nieces enjoying a beautiful holiday in the great House I designed all of those years ago and guess what? I think it is as pretty and stylish today as it was the day we finished with the design. The views are amazing and the house is warm and welcoming. Lots of room for all of us to spread out and not be underfoot.

The first morning after our arrival we were awakened by the very early bright morning sun and the annual Hot Air Balloon Rodeo right our side our windows in the valley below us. What a beautiful site to welcome the Kelley crew to Steamboat Springs! I think I sat on the deck with coffee for an hour and a half.

Today as I sit here in a beautiful room with soaring windows and a cool breeze I listen to the strangest bird sounds I have ever heard. I am thinking now that it will be very hard to go back to Dallas and our oppressive heat but, realize how lucky I am to have such great clients that will share their beautiful home with my entire family. Please enjoy the photos of the home, the vistas and a few typical family ones as well. Happy summer to all and stay tuned!

In looking back over the design of the interiors of this lovely home I think one of the most important and critical elements to keep the house in the current design style is the fact that most of the fabrics are from the top design houses such as Brunswig & Fils and F. Schumacher. the carpets were very expensive as well and have stood the test of time. The carpets are all 100% wool with very tight weave that have shown no wear and tear from traffic. and not fading or pulling anywhere. This is a classic example of monies spent early on will prove as a saving in the end.

Please enjoy the photos and stay tuned! Pam


I have always been so passionate about my home that I am sure some people can not understand this, but it is who I am! I learned a very good lesson about a year and a half ago when I sold my home of over 31 years and moved about two miles away to a new house. For years and years I would say, No Way ! if asked “Would you ever consider moving?” Well things change, and life has a way of writing new paragraphs in the instruction manual.


Which was the house number and how I referred to it was a great place! A classic Federal beauty of vine covered, white stucco with black shutters and a red front door with beautiful trees and landscaping and a half acre. The wonderful back lawn was surrounded by walkways and patios of antique brick set in sand. huge old Pecan trees and beautiful ornamental trees as well.
At the end of the garden your view was stopped by a rambling old (102 years to be exact) carriage house. This is where I had my office for many many years. Well as you can imagine with all of this beauty comes a huge commitment to time and money . I finally came to the realization that in order to keep 3504 in the condition I wanted it to be in at all times I needed to win the lottery and considering I don’t play the lottery that was not going to happen. The decision to down size was not an easy one but the right one. So away I went on my search for the next perfect home and guess what? I found it!

To say I could not be happier is an understatement and I am still home. The move was easy and it is fun to have a blank canvas in which to place my art, furniture, and accessories Everything looks so pretty, fresh and new with different colors and different light.

I have not missed the old home at all. I have loved the challenge of making my small garden a picture post card and actually enjoy some of the perks. Such as the water bill and planting cost.

At the end of a day, a house is only a house until you fill it with love and laughter , tears and life, friends and family, Then it becomes a home. My new home has shared all of this with me and will continue to do so I am sure. My Grown Children, my grand children, brothers, parents and all friends and family share this feeling with me. I have learned a lot with this move and it all has made me more flexible to change than I ever thought I would be.

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Enjoy the photo tour of both homes and Stay Tuned!!!!!!!

I am not really sure if “unstaging” is a word or not….. but it is for those of us in the biz. As some of you may already know I am partners in a staging company Elam and Kelley . Elam is Gary Elam my long time friend and terrific antiques dealer here in Dallas. This is where you can visit many of our before and after photos of our work.
Today we are packing and taking apart a beautiful home that we not only staged but remodeled as well. This is such a graceful and captivating home. Both Gary and I fell in love with it as we saw it come to life after many years of neglect and very bad interior design! We completed our task in 4 weeks!

Kitchen before the remodel.

Kitchen after the remodel

Living Room before the remodel.

Living room after the remodel

Bedroom before the remodel

Bedroom after the remodel

We both worked so hard we ended up with bronchitis and then Gary gave it to his friend Ann. Needless to say, she was not happy. But the person that was happy was the real estate agent! Mr. Dave Perry Miller. We finished the staging/remodel on Thursday evening 2 weeks ago around 11:00 p.m. and The house was under contract by Noon on Friday and closed in 10 days. Yes you heard me right.

So guess where I am today and tomorrow? Packing and moving….

Why is it so much fun to decorate and stage and so boring to take it all apart? That is just the name of the game I suppose.

I thought I would share some of the before and after and move out photos with you and also let you listen along to a pod cast we did a couple of months ago for our friends at The Kinsey Group. Listen Look and enjoy! Please send me any questions you might have about your own home in preparation for moving. I will be happy to share with you. For now enjoy the podcast
Seize the Day and Stay tuned!


P.S. Where is the instruction manual????? This is why I always end my blog with “stay tuned”. Here is the new plan….. We have loaded and packed and unpacked and delivered to our warehouse at least 80% of the furniture when the new owner offers us a deal! Deal? yes a deal. “how about we stage the house again for a specific cost to him and he buys and owns all of the furniture. Now guess who is trying to figure out this one and how to make it fair to both parties.. As I always say Stay Tuned!!

The Dream Team

Yesterday was spent in beautiful East Texas with one of the best Interior photographers in the country! Dan Piassick. What a day we had. The drive from Dallas east is under two hours and a pleasant one at that. I started out the morning at 7:00 a.m at my local grocery market Tom Thumb where they receive the most beautiful flowers two to three times a week and not only are they fresh but great prices as well. I selected a huge bucket of mixed flowers I thought would be pretty at the ranch we were off to photograph and away we went!

Love the smell of Fresh Flowers in the morning!!

Since of arrival is very unassuming as we are driving through this tiny town and back into the little neighborhoods and then down country lanes. I am thinking that Danny, who is in the truck behind me is probably saying “I hope she knows where she is going” then Viola we arrive !!!!!!!

After loads of equipment are taken into the house the first thing we must do is shoot the outside because rain is LOOMING and if you are familiar with Texas you know what that can mean. However along with the threat of rain comes the beautiful Texas sky.

The ranch house is on a hill that rolls down to a peaceful lake and to get far enough away from the house you are at the bottom looking up. What to do? No problem The ranch manager brings a tractor with a bucket lift and up up and away goes Danny approx. 30′ Now he can take his shots. How much fun it is for him and I think the Ranch Manager was having a blast.

Just Another Day at the Office

This part goes well and then off to the inside. I convinced my good friend Sila to take the day off and trek to East Texas and be my flower stylist. What I failed to tell her that involved clean up duty and climbing onto the top bunks in the bunk room to make things camera perfect. After all How can I be in two places at one time? On the floor (safe) directing her up on the top bunk (not as safe!) but after all WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR?

Pam in Action setting up the Shots

I now have fantastic photos and we all have full tummy’s after I make a trip into town to bring back Mrs. B’s Barbeque!!!!! This my friend is worth a trip to Grand Saline. They have been written up in Texas Highway magazine on more than one occasion for not only their BBQ but their fried pies. This place is so tiny it is easy to pass as you travel along Hwy. 80 Just look for the sign that points to the Rodeo grounds and you will find it There.

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Until next time,

Okay, here it is in Dallas Texas on a beautiful Wednesday morning of 88 degrees at 8:30 a.m..  My favorite portrait photographer Debra O’Brien is here with her beautiful and talented daughter. They are outside setting up for my website personal photos.  First of all…… I hate the camera!.  Need I say more.  I have no idea why, but I do.  Now I am going out on my front porch to sit and pretend it is a lovely morning in Dallas.  I am channeling Nantucket.  I will smile and try to look cool.  If you are not familiar with Debra’s work please check out her website. Children and studio work in black and white are her favorite, and she is wonderful on location as well.  I have used her for years and have so many clients who have as well. I have watched their children grow up in real life and in print. Speaking of Photography, as you may or may not know I am just beginning to build my web site.  Pamkelleyandassociates.com Of course I am years behind in my photography and trying to make magic happen overnight. Is there any other way?

Here is my problem of the day.  I have such wonderful clients that are so very busy I started asking for dates that I could photograph certain homes about a month or six weeks ago.  Well.  Guess what. Today I have an okay from my favorite long time client and his wife I may photograph three yes I said three of their homes.  Two in Texas and one in Colorado.  I just have to do it by July 1st!  No problem.  I will make this happen.  I can not wait to share these beautiful homes with you.  One family home in Dallas is the most comfortable and welcoming home you will ever be in.  Then there is the ranch in East Texas !WOW!  this is a beauty.  The east Texas ranch is not a pretend ranch, this family is one of the great cattle baron families of our great state.

Well, the photo shoot is over and I am cool again and happy to be back at my desk.  By the way, while the shoot was going on I had a confirmation from Danny Piassick that he is available this Friday to go to East Texas with me.  Great!! Now all I need to do is figure out which flowers to buy and what to do with them when I get there.  The house is wonderful on its own but a few fresh bouquets never hurt.   Must get back to the task at hand   PURCHASE ORDERS.  This is a good thing.  Stay cool and stay tuned for upcoming photos of the trip to East Texas.

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